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Karen Taylor Bass

Welcome to Late Night, hosted by Karen Taylor Bass, PR Expert and best-selling author. The show is a humorous, candid conversation with her bestie, Gilda Dormevil. The duo tackle the changes of life: career, children, marriage, divorce, depression, tragedy, friendship, bad credit, getting older and WINNING on your terms.

This show will bring together friends, experts, doctors, cultures, thought leaders and everyday people chatting about coping with all types of stuff. ‘Late Night’ is engaging, raw (at times), fun and motivational.

Sep 26, 2018

In Karen Taylor Bass’s latest podcast, she discusses coming to America from Jamaica and the kinds of adjustments she and her family made and how it shaped who she is today.

Sep 21, 2018

Karen Taylor Bass sits with celebrity hair stylist and salon owner Syreeta Scott to discuss Black hair and conforming.