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Karen Taylor Bass

Welcome to Late Night, hosted by Karen Taylor Bass, PR Expert and best-selling author. The show is a humorous, candid conversation with her bestie, Gilda Dormevil. The duo tackle the changes of life: career, children, marriage, divorce, depression, tragedy, friendship, bad credit, getting older and WINNING on your terms.

This show will bring together friends, experts, doctors, cultures, thought leaders and everyday people chatting about coping with all types of stuff. ‘Late Night’ is engaging, raw (at times), fun and motivational.

Mar 28, 2018

Preparation meets opportunity is ideal, but, what happens when you have a glitch, hiccup, and variable out of your control? Always carry on/continue and don't miss a step.  #BrandYou

Mar 26, 2018

Happy Monday!

The best #BrandYou tip to get you jazzed, motivated and unabashed. Listen to how I was able to score the amazing Jill Scott as a client in 1999. Remember, always utilize the resources around you.

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Mar 23, 2018

Happy Friday!

Today's brand you tip is two simple words, however, often not uttered.

Listen to what happened in my life, the moment the words "Thank you" was incorporated daily.

Thank you for listening.

Karen Taylor Bass




Mar 21, 2018

Happy Wednesday!

Today's #BrandYou tip is a goody ... Strategy over Passion will always win. Here's why, passion will never fuel you enough to keep your doors open (make $) when you don't have an exceptional strategy in place.

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Mar 19, 2018

I have not given you a Late Night with Karen Taylor Bass, in a long moment. Sit back, sip your wine and listen to us talk in my kitchen about when to take your man back. Special guest: Agnes Davis

What is the deal breaker?

How can you move the conversation forward?

Can you truly forgive or...