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Karen Taylor Bass

Welcome to Late Night, hosted by Karen Taylor Bass, PR Expert and best-selling author. The show is a humorous, candid conversation with her bestie, Gilda Dormevil. The duo tackle the changes of life: career, children, marriage, divorce, depression, tragedy, friendship, bad credit, getting older and WINNING on your terms.

This show will bring together friends, experts, doctors, cultures, thought leaders and everyday people chatting about coping with all types of stuff. ‘Late Night’ is engaging, raw (at times), fun and motivational.

Feb 28, 2018

Who are you? How do you want to be addressed and introduced?

Names and words are very important, especially when creating and cementing a 'brand you' persona. This is why I always preach it is imperative to say your name and add a moniker.

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Feb 27, 2018

How badly do you want to live your best best life? If you truly want your life to start happening in color, you must write it down. Let me tell you why.

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Feb 26, 2018

I have been an award-winning PR Expert for over 30 years and a best kept secret also.  Let that not be you. Today is the day, you STOP RUNNING. Listen to today's #BrandYou tip and pass along to a friend, colleague, and competitor.

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Feb 23, 2018

Happy Friday!

Less than 60 seconds to give you the brand you motivational message by Karen and Gilda.

Celebrate every moment, not just the big stuff.


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Feb 19, 2018

The #BFFs are back in the living room. Sharing their perspective on recently turning 50, menopause, and why it's harder than they thought. You will laugh and learn.

Real Talk on hair, skin, brain fog, hormones, menstrual cycle, friendship and the roller coaster ride. Sit back and share with everyone. Tell us your...